Features Ours Others
Material Turbine Wheel: Inconel 718
Turbine Housing: 20% Nickel For Thermal Capacity
Compressor Wheel: Aerodynamic Design To ImproveEfficiency
Turbine Wheel: Inconel 713
Turbine Housing: Less Than 5%
Quality Control SCHENCK VSR 250,000 RPM Under 150,000 RPM
Design Compressor Housing Polished
Turbine Housing Nozzle Area Polished
Vortex Air Suction (Optional)
Re-circulated Airflow for Surge Control (Optional)
No Service or Lab Fee Charged
Setup Specific Vehicle Direct Bolt-On Turbo Kit Needed And Get More Lab
Accessories Install Kit Included
Boost Gauge Included(Specific)
Electronic Boost Controller Included(Specific)
No Mini Quantities If Have Stock
Customization United Development For Specific Application