KINUGAWA truly believe that turbocharger is the energy-saving and environmental-friendly engine application in the future. With such a huge demand in the future, it generates a great opportunity and market for us, since the entry barrier (the ability of turbocharger manufacture) is extremely high. There are only a few companies which are able to provide rebuild or upgrade service in the world. Even the world class turbocharger manufacturers such as Garrett, Mitsubishi, and KKK can barely provide complete rebuild kits (after-market components) or upgrade services.

Taking such an opportunity, KINUGAWA DYNAMICS with its decades of manufacture technologies and experiences will easily penetrate into the market. Not only by providing comprehensive components for rebuild and upgrade purposes, but also by delivering our dominant ability of custom-made products based on customer’s requests for various applications.

Our product quality has been highly recognized by our customers, especially since we currently officially sponsor some Japan and South Korea racing teams to design the turbocharger kit for racing competitions. Also, since we have generated numerous positive feedbacks from our worldwide e-Commerce buyers and collected more than 10,000 buyers’ valuable experiences in the past year.

In November 2008 KINUGAWA DYNAMICS participated in the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA) – the most famous and biggest automobile modification show in the world, in Las Vegas, United States, to show our products to the world. More excitingly, in June 2009, KINUGAWA DYNAMICS started co-operating with Hyundai (The 4th largest automobile manufacture in the world) to jointly develop the turbocharger and related accessories for its new model car – Genesis (worldwide model). We believe that, with this great opportunity, we are able to promote our product and brand name worldwide and once again show the quality of Made-In-Taiwan products to the world. Rewardingly, KINUGAWA DYNAMICS received first place in the Taiwan Business Startup Award in November 2009.