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Kinugawa billet adjustable actuator¬†designed and built with the intention of increasing the boost output of a turbocharged system. We cannot guarantee compatibility with all applications, nor the ability to increase the boost output beyond a level that is within the parameters set by the engine-management-system of the given vehicle at the time of installation, whether […]

We now launch the turbochargers and cartridges anti-counterfeit tag and balance report. Customers can check if the items genuine, products information, instruction of installation, trouble shooting via our cloud computing systems and please share your experience on our official social medias.

  Favorable high temperature resistant performance Favorable high temperature resistant performance is achieved via various materials adopted for the turbine housing, as to meet needs of various diesel engines and gasoline engines.

KINUGAWA truly believe that turbocharger is the energy-saving and environmental-friendly engine application in the future. With such a huge demand in the future, it generates a great opportunity and market for us, since the entry barrier (the ability of turbocharger manufacture) is extremely high. There are only a few companies which are able to provide […]

Features Ours Others Material Turbine Wheel: Inconel 718 Turbine Housing: 20% Nickel For Thermal Capacity Compressor Wheel: Aerodynamic Design To ImproveEfficiency Turbine Wheel: Inconel 713 Turbine Housing: Less Than 5% Quality Control SCHENCK VSR 250,000 RPM Under 150,000 RPM Design Compressor Housing Polished Turbine Housing Nozzle Area Polished Vortex Air Suction (Optional) Re-circulated Airflow for […]