Kinugawa Turbo Systems line-up code explanation

Turbocharger T = Exhaust Gas Turbocharger
D = Turbo design series (not alphabetical)
04 = Turbine wheel frame size
H = Optional suffix for enlarged diameter:
Compressor 08 = Compressor size:
At the highest efficiency on the compression line ratio
π = 2, the air flow is 0.08 m3/sec.
T = Compressor Wheel design type (not alphabetical)
Turbine H = Optional suffix for wheel width:
S = small
M = medium
L = large
R = Optional suffix for reverse rotation direction
6.5 = Turbine Housing throat area = 6.5 cm2
(this is the dimension A in A/R) or VG for Variable Geometry
or total area plus suffix T/S for Twin Scroll housing
Hybrid Turbocharger When using a Compressor wheel from another Turbine series, it is called a hybrid Turbocharger, for example :
TD04-04H*13T-6.5 T/S
In this example a 13T compressorfrom the TD04H series is combined with a TD04 series turbine.

Compressor characteristics


Turbine  characteristics